08th  07,2020
Warmly celebrate website redesign online succeed at the 14th October again!

As the pioneer of the smart thermostatic pet hair straightener brush, VVLAPET has developed the smart thermostatic pet hair straightener brush, which is specially designed for the daily care of pet hair. This brush uses the technology of PTC heating, which can rapidly rise the temperature and has an automatic constant temperature. The high-end ceramic paint on the brush-tooth area can help to moisturize and sterilize pet hair.

The smart drying slicker brush combines dryer and slicker brush in one , which can help people dry and style their pets’ hair much more easier than before.

The innovative idea of pet care from VVLAPET attract many audiences stop by and communicate with our staff to know more about VVLAPET products which might lead to some cooperation in the near future. 

VVLAPET has delivered its mission of “Technology leading the new pet-care style” and sharing its band vision “Caring for your pet as an expert” to more and more people. We believe in that the technology will lead us to a new step, and our brand shows a bright and greater prospect in the future.